Our Children

Kid on left peaceful guardian logo with kids underneath and a mom with her son

We are never alone. The Highest Expression of life lies in the realization of the interconnectedness of all of us.

When we live from this place of connection, and take responsibility to do our part to make the world a better place - EVERY moment there is hope.

Every moment there is a solution and an opportunity for a new bright possibility to emerge. The greatest testament to this hope is our children.

At this time, there is literally, an army of Light workers being born onto the Earth. These highly evolved beings have come to teach us and to usher in the dawning of the Age of Peace on Earth - and THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN.

Within the children of this world, as is true with all human beings, there is a Divine Spark, a Divine Principle which is the Principle of Divine Intelligence and Pure Perfection.

Each spark is coded with a mission, a purpose to fulfill, a gift to give. In order for these gifts to be given, for the purposes to be realized, THE CHILDREN MUST REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE - and WE must remember who we are in order to facilitate this.

It is our job to create the space for the remembering to occur. It is necessary for each of us to awaken to our fullness then create opportunities for others to do the same.

The children who are being born NOW are such powerful beings, once awakened, that their survival and ours is dependent upon their remembering.

WHEN THEY REMEMBER, they will create the inventions they came to create, reform the laws they came here to reform, transform the environment, eliminate the waste in the oceans, clean the nuclear contamination sites, source the world with free energy, end poverty, revolutionize education.

They will do these things out of the creative impetus of their own Divine Soul Blueprint that they were programmed with by the Great Architect of the Universe for the survival of life on Earth.

They will do these things and far greater. Yet, in order to achieve this they must touch, they must see, glimpses of the energetic truth of which they know within themselves, so as to activate.

Our service to them is in LISTENING to them; creating spaces where they can play and they can dream and they can use their imagination to create and build and explore; feeding them clean foods to support their healthy bodies and healthy minds; working on our issues; being these windows ourselves, with our presence and our love, which allows them to see that version of themselves that they came here to BE.

We MUST give them our belief in them - and encourage them to HAVE A VOICE! ...SPEAK IT! ...SING IT! ...MOVE IT! ...KNOW IT!

Peace Guardians is here to create such spaces for children to remember, for all of us to remember…


Go for a walk with your child & have your child describe everything they see, everything they notice. Keep noticing things every step of the way. This exercise brings kids into the present moment & walking together brings your energies in harmony.


We have crafted a quick 5 question quiz called "Your Child's Future" to get you thinking about your relationship with your children and the potential of their future. 

Taking the time to answer each question will reward you with insight and inspiration. It will also will let us know a little bit more about you and how we can craft our content to better serve you - and in turn, serve our community.