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Peace Guardians

Peace Guardians is a shared vision of certified educators, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs and artists that believe that NOW, more than ever, the planet is calling for a new generation of heart-centered leaders. Our team was brought together by a mutual passion for youth empowerment and a shared concern around the problems youth are facing today. We believe the way in which youth are educated is a gamechanger for bringing about true global change.

With the rise of technology, we have seen a rise in social and emotional disconnect. Our education system as a whole does not meet this growing epidemic. The traditional schooling system is based on old industrial philosophies that promote mechanical learning and does not meet each child's unique blueprint and creative expressions. The system as a whole also undervalues its teachers who must be empowered to express their gifts and not pigeonholed to an outdated system that simply no longer serves our collective optimal potential.

We envision a global network of empowered educators that partner together with students. We envision a system that nurtures emotional intelligence and self-development of the whole child. After three years of visioning and beta testing, Peace Guardians has devised three programs that exist to serve as solutions for systemic issues in education, community relations, and youth sports. We believe these issues must be not only addressed but remedied once and for all for a thriving humanity to be realized.