Peace Guardians classes encourage youth to become forces of positive change for themselves, their communities and the world. 


Our 8-12 week programs are designed to align youth with their optimal potential. We fuse ancient wisdom from cultures around the world with innovative games and activities that are designed to support personal development, emotional fluency, and cognitive flexibility. 

Our Peace Guardians instructors are trained professionals in creating safe containers for transformational growth and collaborative engagement. Our self-directed approach empowers children to be leaders, while the strong structure of our program gently guides their focus.

The foundation of our enrichment program and ALL of our offerings is our eight core values. They are an inspired reflection of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. In this way they guide our young hero's in a quest of discovering their unique abilities, and becoming the leaders that they are destined to be. 

Our Eight Core Values: 

The main components of our Enrichment Program are:


Guardians Quest

A multi-sensory experience of embodying our eight core values though mindful missions, inward reflection, and group activities. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey template, this interactive quest is the foundation of our program and is what outlines the structure of each weeks class.

GQ final.png


Our signature flow-state game offers a refreshing alternative to overly-competitive, and often dangerous youth sports. The game favors collaboration, while challenging each individual to become masters of awareness, strategy, and execution. This innovative and addictively fun game encourages the development of personal and collective flow-states. Flow-states have been widely studied and have shown to promote: creativity, self-awareness, happiness, focus, confidence, and better overall performance.

Kids leave class feeling empowered, connected, inspired, and peaceful.

After completing The Guardians Quest, students have the opportunity to further their involvement with Peace Guardians and embark on their KINDRED QUEST


Kindred Quest

True peace comes when we embody our passions and share them with our community. Working with corporate sponsorship, events/festivals, and other students from our programs students have the opportunity to co-create youth-led, social and environmental community projects. These project-based learning experiences are focused on creating solutions. The program empowers the youth to witness the powerful impact of their ideas turned into action. Students involved in the kindred quest are considered Peace Guardians Ambassadors and have the opportunity to share insights and potential solutions on big issues we are facing in the collective. Through this program we are giving the youth a platform to be heard, and their actions recognized.

Each child brings a new unique story and with it their unique spirit. We honor each individual and our enrichment program is designed to flex with the needs, capacity, and ability of every child. If you have any further questions regarding our enrichment program feel free to contact us. 

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