Ancient Wisdom For Modern Heroes

Peace Guardians classes encourage kids to connect to their mind, body and spirit and become forces of positive change in the world.

All activities are collaborative and holistically based. These flow art practices encourage harmonious and experiential learning. Kids leave class feeling empowered, connected, inspired, and peaceful.

Peace Guardian Teachers focus on one value each week and weave the lesson plan around the value.

Below we show example of using one value each week and its corresponding color during an eight week session

Values: Play, Wonder, Vulnerability, Collaboration, Courage, Presence, Integrity, Community

Session 1: PlayThe exploratory roots of a passionate self-directed learning experience

Session 2: Wonder - The foundation of imagination, and the initiation into self   discovery and mastery

Session 3: VulnerabilitySets the stage for us to stand strong in the light of our individuality, self-expression, and connectivity

Session 4: Collaboration - The ability to create and succeed through our symbiotic relationsip to one another and our environment

Session 5: Courage - Invites us to look for the lessons in our challenges and use our gifts to overcome them

Session 6: Presence - The mastery over mind, body, and environment. It is the root of all superpowers

Session 7: Integrity - The ability to call forth the greatest versions of ourselves as we craft all our actions in authenticity

Session 8: Community - The intrinsic connection to a people and place that gives our journey depth and meaning


Integrated into each session and value is a combination of mindful activities and games. 

  • Yoga
  • Qi gong
  • Breathwork
  • Mindfulness
  • Haka
  • Monkey Chant
  • Capoeira
  • Martial Arts Games
  • African Dance
  • Tribal Markers
  • Superhero Games
  • Songs- Sing the World Awake
  • Flow Arts: Staff, Poi, Kendama

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