We take our empowering curriculum and integrate into engaging experiences for special events, festivals, birthday parties, and rites of passage ceremonies. 

Kids love our workshops and programs because we inspire them through wisdom practices to connect with their inner hero and their unique superpowers.

Facilitating these enriching transformational experiences cultivates a positive impact and a lasting impression. 

Some of our event activities include:

  • Peace Guardians Superpower Workshop (Led by Zachariah Fisher and Peace Guardian Team) 

Come explore your Superpowers and journey with us on Adventurous Peace Missions.

This one of a kind workshop will draw from modalities of Qi Gong, Yoga, Haka, Monkey Chanting, Mindfulness, Capoeira, Tribal Body and Face Art and more.

Zachariah's workshops are known for their high energy, experiential and collaborative play based learning style. 


  • Sing the World Awake! (led by Karen Seva)

A music class and concert all in one - combining group singing, sacred sound, Indigenous elements, vibrational healing, yoga and dance. Designed to awaken the Inner child, elevate the Soul & develop creative expression. It is for children of all ages, families and everyone who loves to sing! Join us and have FUN as we create sacred ceremony for the healing of our planet & ourselves - with the goal of increasing individual and collective self-worth; raising environmental awareness and activating our natural capacity to heal through vibration & music! All musicians and singer welcome! Bring your instruments!

  • Haka for Sons and Fathers with Council (led by Brett Fleisher and Peace Guardian Team)


In honor of the powerful and sacred warrior chant of the Maori people of New Zealand, the Peace Guardians will lead a Haka for boys and fathers in Ancestral Arts. The intention is to create a container for men and boys to express divine masculinity in a harmonious and cohesive way. The Peace Guardian's Council of the Spiritual Warrior provides an opportunity to deepen the unique bond between father and son. By using indigenous practices to ignite the body and connect the heart, the council promotes healthy masculinity as a way of strengthening these sacred relationships.

  • Kecak Balinese Monkey Chant (led by Paradox Pollack) 

The Balinese Monkey Chant as a tool for village building. The Kecak is a primal technology of the body, movement, the voice and the joyful participation of beings sending their dreams and life energy to the center of the circle. The Balinese use it to celebrate, bring community coherence and address the necessity of the village.


Want to bring peace guardians to your event?