Peace Guardians curates youth & family programs for festivals, special events, and private parties.



We have a deep passion and reputation for creating conscious family villages and large to medium size events from the ground up. 

 Our professional and well experienced event team curates offerings, installations and live performances that will inspire participants and create lasting memories. 



Our event offerings: 


Guardians Village

We curate wholesome family villages with professional installations, decor and entertainment. From site design, youth led presentations, live performances, flow games, PlayShop and more, event goers will find something for everyone happening through the day.


Guardians Quest Installation

This interactive installation can be set up as a self-directed or facilitated experience. An inner journey of transformation and awakening, The Guardians Quest cultivates a deep sense of purpose, emotional fluency, and empowerment.

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We curate a wide array of youth/family PlayShops. From Parent/child connection, mindfulness games, creative arts and crafts, health & wellness presentations and interactive Quests.

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Flow Games

Our signature flow-state games are based in collaboration and play based learning. KinFlow and other signature flow games are designed to inspire community connection, awareness, and plenty of healthy fun.


Live Performances

We curate unique interactive musical and stage performances. Breaking the fourth wall, we bridge the gap between audience and performer. Our live performances illuminate hearts with a fusion of crowd engagement, theatre, spoken word, edutainment and world class family friendly concerts with live bands.

We look forward to seeing how we can support your next event/festival. Please reach out for more information. 

Proud provider for the following Events/Festivals: