Peace Guardians is committed to providing camp experiences that are as fun as they are meaningful.


Our camps are designed for elementary-school-age kids (ages 5-11). 

Through movement, mindfulness and social skills, children are introduced to a social emotional curriculum that inspires personal and social change.

We incorporate strategies for emotional regulation, deep breathing techniques, movement, art, creative expression and more. Our activities are intended to invigorate, calm the body, and nourish the soul. 

Through council, play, nature exploration, & collaborative learning participants practice how to successfully interact with one another through play based learning.

Your child will leave REFRESHED, REJUVENATED, and INSPIRED!

Together we create a culture of Kindness.   


  • Movement and flow art practices that both strengthen and calm the body.
  • Large and small group activities (divided by age)
  • Daily art projects 
  • Flow arts including: Capoeira, Poi instruction and play
  • Music activities including: Tibetan song bowls, instrument exploration, harmonium, chimes and singing
  • Daily Nature exploration
  • Indigenous Practices i and history, including Hake and Monkey Chant
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Daily mindfulness and concentration activities
  • Strategies for deep breathing and relaxation
  • Cooperative Learning Games based around learning empathy & practicing kindness 

 Your child's tool box will be filled with strategies for self regulation and self calm.