Ancient Wisdom, Modern Heroes

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We curate experiences that nurture personal development, community connection and optimal potential. With a foundation rooted in play and value based education, our programs are designed with the intention to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships with self, others and our environment. We offer Enrichment Programs, PlayShops, Live Performances,  Event Installations and Teacher Trainings that reflect our ethos and focus on nurturing the growth and development of our future leaders.

The Three Pillars of our Organization and Programs are:

  • The Guardians Quest:

This interactive journey of exploration cultivates a deep connection to the hero within. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's “hero’s journey” participants move through a series of values as the hero of their own story. Each value/chapter of the program corresponds with supporting activities that allow each child to uniquely embody that value within themselves.  Those values are: Wonder, Trust, Vulnerability, Courage, Passion, Purpose, Creativity and Integrity

  • KinFlow: 

Our Signature flow-state game, is changing the paradigm of sports. It's unique game structure is rooted in play based learning, mindfulness and emotional literacy. This innovative game promotes collaboration while developing hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, agility and multi-faceted physical/mental/emotional skill sets. The intention of the game is to serve as a community tool for accessing collective flow states. This intention releases the “us vs. them” mentality in game play and instead cultivates healthy competition.

  • Kindred Quest:

Working with corporate sponsorship, events/festivals, and students from our programs to co-create youth-led, social and environmental community projects. These project based learning experiences are focused on creating solutions. The program empowers the youth to witness the powerful impact of their ideas turned into action. Students involved in the kindred quest become Peace Guardians Ambassadors and have the opportunity to share insights and potential solutions on big issues we are facing in the collective. Through this program we are giving the youth a platform to be heard, and their actions recognized. 


Our eight core values

The foundation of our programs are rooted in our eight core values. These values are woven into all of our offerings:

1. Wonder

We begin our Guardians Quest with the spark of Wonder. That drive for what else is there beyond the senses or within the senses. That call to adventure that leads us to an exploratory quest. That knowing that there is more to life then meets the eye and desire to discover it.

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2. Trust

Now that that we have set sail on our adventure, we must make a choice. Go back to the known, ordinary world of comfort and security or walk forward in Trust into the unknown. For a successful journey we must cultivate the ability to trust ourselves, our intuition, and the meaningful events that cross our path.

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3. Vulnerability

The hero has left the known world and is now in a vulnerable space. This willingness to explore something new leads us past our edges and outside the boundaries of the comfort zone. All growth and development requires us to embrace vulnerability as we venture into our potential.  

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4. Passion

As we move out of the dark cave we step into our light with a new and extraordinary world at our foot steps. The light of our passion illuminates the path ahead of us. By overcoming our challenges we can see clearly now the inherent gifts they have led us to.

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5. Passion

The Dragons that await are all of the fears and doubts that kept us asleep in the first place. By moving along in our Quest, our fears bubble to the service and we must invoke the Courage to walk through the fires in spite of them.  It is often our challenges that reveal to us our greatest gifts. 

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As we move out of the dark cave we step into our light with a new and extraordinary world at our foot steps. The light of our passion illuminates the path ahead of us. By overcoming our challenges we can see clearly now the inherent gifts they have led us to.

6. Purpose

Through the joy and fulfillment of our passion we unearth our inner treasure. The remembrance of who we are and why we are here. We awaken to our unique purpose that has been embedded in us all along.  

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7. Responsibility

Now that we know our deepest purpose, we have a responsibility to bring these treasures back to our community. This is a key component as we progress along our journey of service to the greater whole. We must be a participant in life and share our gifts in order to live a fulfilling peaceful life.   

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8. Integrity 

We have returned to where we have started, and even though our surrounding may be similar, we have transformed from within and thus everything is fresh and anew. We have become our inner hero. We now walk in Integrity to who we are and the larger purpose for why we have come here.

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