Ancient Wisdom For Modern Heroes

We create safe containers for kids to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their unique spirit.

We do this by leading them through a series of mindfulness based games and practices that connect them with their own personal super power. The kids then use these super powers to complete missions that invite peace within themselves and their environment.

Our inspiring and highly skilled Peace Guardian teachers facilitate an engaging educational environment by allowing self-directed play and the emergent to guide the flow and structure of each class. 

It is with great care and respect that we take holistic wisdom practices from around the world and re-imagine them into a playfully captivating learning experience.  


Codes of The Guardians

(Our Eight Core Values)

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The foundation of our program is rooted in our eight core values that are woven through all of our programs. 

These values support one’s education into what peace is and how it can be achieved through harmony, balance, and integration.

A peaceful world starts by creating peace within ourselves. Creating the possibility for deep listening to the needs of ourselves and others in the present moment.

Peace is our passion and our compass. Peace Guardianship is our mission.


Play is our most potent resource for self-directed learning, self-exploration, and group connection. Play is the root of the Peace Guardian value system because it is the most efficient learning vehicle. It efforlesly guides us along our journey and calls forth the situations and experiences that stimulate the tranformational process of the guardians journey. 

Wonder is the foundation of imagination, and the initiation into self discovery and mastery. Wonder extends beyond the creative mind, moving our hearts in rhythm to our soul's expressive dance.  Embodying a strong sense of wonder is fundamental to creativity and the pursuit of becoming the greatest version of ourselves.

Vulnerability is the key stone to a successful hero's journey and an authentic life style. Vulnerability invites us to create safe containers where we can shed our social anxiety, armor, and doubt. It sets the stage for us to stand strong in the light of our individuality, self-expression, and connectivity. Developing the ability to navigate vulnerability empowers us to embody our soul's mission and uphold the integrity of our heart's wisdom.

Collaboration is our symbiotic relationship to one another and our environment. It invites the opportunity for our dreams and creations to succeed. Collaboration is recognizing the intrinsic connection of all life while cohesively weaving our story, vision, and actions into it.   

Courage is living in devotion to the wisdom you hold while remaining open to new information and experiences. Being strong in our focus and direction, while being able to flow with the emergent. At it's core, courage reminds us to look for the lessons in our challenges and to use our gifts to overcome them.  

Presence is the mastery over mind, body, and environment. It is the root of all superpowers. Presence is the magic of life. It is the gift of this moment that we amusingly call "the present". It is the catalyst for experiencing our interconnection with all that is. When we are present, we are in flow state. A place where our awareness is heightened and our abilities extend far beyond the limitations of our mind.    

Integrity is a way of being and doing that is in resonance with our greatest known truths. It is the masterful ability to call forth the greatest versions of ourselves, as we craft all our actions in authenticity to the inner guidance of our spirit. Integrity is the integration of our values into our lives. 

Community is our purpose. It is what gives our journey depth and meaning. It is our support system, our roots, our home. It is our teachers, our students, our friends, our family. Community is our relationship to our earth, and the elements that give us life. Community transcends race, religion, or region. It is the sacred bond between us and all of life.