What We Do

The Three Pillars of Peace Guardians programming are:

1. The Guardians Quest:

Inspired by Joseph Campbell's “hero’s journey” participants move through a series of values as the hero of their own story. Each value/chapter of the program corresponds with supporting activities that allow each child to uniquely embody that value within themselves. The guardians quest cultivates emotional literacy, community connection, and empowering leadership skills.  

2. KinFlow: 

Our Signature flow-state game promotes collaboration while developing hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, agility and multi-faceted physical/mental/emotional skill sets. The intention of the game is to serve as a community tool for accessing collective and individual flow states. Leading edge studies have shown flow states to enhance performance, increase focus and elevate mood.

3. Kindred Quest:

Working with corporate sponsorship, events/festivals, and students from our programs to co-create youth-led, social and environmental community projects. These project based learning experiences are focused on creating solutions. Students involved in the kindred quest become Peace Guardians Ambassadors and have the opportunity to share insights and potential solutions on big issues we are facing in the collective. Through this program we are giving the youth a platform to be heard, and their actions recognized.