We Are Peace Guardians

Peace Guardians is a shared vision of certified youth educators, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs and artists coming together to empower our future generations. We believe that NOW, more than ever, the planet is calling for a new generation of leaders that work together to cultivate solutions towards a more harmonious world.


Our Peace Guardians team was brought together by a mutual passion for youth enrichment, and a shared concern around the problems youth are facing today. We have seen a rise in social and emotional disconnect. We witness a school system that doesn’t address the whole child, and undervalues its teachers.

Kids and Teachers alike are being confined to a outdated education system that does not support their full unique expression

Our vision is to create a decentralized network of empowered educators creating enrichment programs that nurture emotional intelligence and self development of the whole child. With purpose driven passion we are committed to being innovative leaders in youth enrichment, and teacher training.

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our team


Founder, Curriculum Development, Visionary, Teacher

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Passions: KinFlow, guitar, nature, speaking, writing, teaching, play based learning, laughing.

Purpose: By sharing my heart, humor and vulnerability, I am here help steward our future generations into more harmony, joy and love with self, others and the planet.

My Story: I’ve always felt called to a greater purpose deep within. Having lost my father before the age of 1 , I was drawn to helping others experience a sense of connection that I was missing.   After years coaching youth sports and mentoring, I teamed up with a friend in October 2015 to put a nature event together for local children at my home in Topanga, CA. After a few more events around town, I chose to leave my corporate job and set sail on my deepest Hero's Journey yet fueled with the vision to inspire youth around the World to follow their bliss. This call led me on a quest to carry forward confidently in the direction of my dreams.

Accreditation’s: Certified Kids Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga. Over a decade of Phys Ed and coaching experience with youth ranging from Pre K to University. Founded Camp with Coach Zach for over 1500 students from 2003-2007. Taught thousands of classes to thousands of children that have been my greatest teachers.


Integrator, Curriculum Development, Media Director, Teacher, Co-Founder

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Passion: My greatest passion is dreaming, writing, co-creating and performing stories through expressive means.

Purpose: My purpose is to discover and understand myself fully so that I can show up as a reflection for others in full integrity.  Additionally, my purpose is to help people process through trauma by creating an atmosphere of safety and by re-connecting them to their breath and body.

My Story:  My hero’s journey began in my late teens when I left college and moved up to New York City by myself to pursue an acting career.  There I found my mentor and began training in the theater, which I didn’t realize at the time but was the true beginnings of my personal development work.  A few years into my studies I was diagnosed with mononucleosis, which crashed my entire immune system and sent me on a healing odyssey, which has lasted over a decade now.  It has taken many years to come to this mindset, however I am deeply grateful for the gift of pain and suffering, because it led me on all sorts of adventures of self-discovery and introspective understanding.  It brought me to the trauma work and a certification in somatic release therapy, it led me to many deep and bonding friendships, it inspired many of the stories that I captured into film and most importantly it led me to one of my greatest passions, which is working with the youth.  Not working, playing… It brought me back to sense of play of the joy that I experience when I am immersed in self expression… it is this gift that I am most honored to share and receive from the magical young ones that I am blessed to be around.

Accreditation’s:  For several summers I was a camp counselor at Fitness by the Sea in Santa Monica, CA, leading activities such as guided meditation, drum circles, theater workshops, puppet shows, and many others.  I studied under the lineage of Lee Strasberg’s method of acting for over 10 years and am an award-winning actor and film director. I am certified as an educator in Trauma Release through the modalities of ‘The Point Holding Process’ and ‘Psycho-Neuro-Energetics.’ I have a background in athletics having played 15 different organized sports in my youth and decorated in diving, wrestling and volleyball.    I have been a member of Peace Guardians for nearly two years and have taught over 50 classes in mindfulness and expressive arts.


Director of Marketing, Curriculum Development, Creative Director, Co-Founder


My Passion: I am passionate about creativity as a vehicle for transformational growth and collective/personal development.

My Purpose: My purpose is to cultivate community and nurture its thriving potential.

My Story: My quest towards becoming a Peace Guardian began with the birth of my two children. As a new father, I became quickly disheartened by the educational and social paradigms that dictate the development of our youth. I began to seek out leading-edge practices in conscious parenting and alternative education. Along my journey, I met Peace Guardians, at the time called Peaceful Ninjas. I invited them out to a community event I was producing. I loved their self-directed, play-based approach to learning. I later reached out to the founder, Zachariah, and quickly became their head of marketing. I since have been working with the team on the development of the brand, our voice, business model and our programs. Peace Guardians became more than a passion project and now is akin to a 2nd family. This teams synergy and dedication to the mission gives me the feeling like I am on a superhero team like the avengers. Working together we are a positive force of change bringing a new enriching opportunity to parents and children everywhere.

Accreditation’s: I have a background in community event production which led me into the world of marketing. Here I found a new passion for connecting people through a form of inbound marketing called: resonance marketing. I help establish brands as thought leaders in their industry and align them with their unique voice. I have experience with social media marketing/mangement, web design, graphic design, and business development. I am also a practicing holistic health practitioner with a focus in therapeutic bodywork.


Business Development, Branding, Licensing, Strategic Partnerships

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Passion: Natural health and vitality for all people. My focus is in teaching emotional intelligence and physical well being for optimal conscious awareness.

Purpose: Being an instrument for others to realize their full potential through mindful, and conscious modalities and by instilling health and nutrition awareness.

My Story: My hero’s journey really began when I had my children. When I started to think about what kind of world I wanted my kids to grow up in I decided I would be part of the solution, and create an environment that would support them in developing conscious awareness. Working in an industry fraught with a “takers” mentality, that used factories with slave labor to make their product, promoted toys and games that quickly found their way into landfills, used toxic chemicals, and partnered with the food companies that were making everyone sick…I finally woke up and changed my career. My purpose became about taking action that would begin to heal the planet, improve lives, and teach mindfulness to children. From there I sought out clients in sustainability, regenerative farming, healthy food, and transformational education. I also looked at how I wanted my children to be educated. Our current system is failing our children and I knew there was something better – child lead, project based, mindful, working with brain science, and that would honor and respect each child for who they are individually, and in the way they learn and with their own individual needs. When I heard about Peace Guardians I knew it was something really special and something I had to be a part of.

Accreditation’s: After a long career in Entertainment, working for Fortune 100 and 500 companies and earning an MBA in International Business, I realized I had a different calling that would be of greater service to the world. My clients are now in sustainability, education, and health and wellness.  I am a certified massage therapist, and conscious parenting coach.


Director of Culture, Curriculum Development, Harmonizer, Teacher, Co-Founder


Passion: Self-expression, play, discovery, adventure, mystery and story telling.

Purpose: To to become self realized, and actualized, so i may assist others in doing the same thing, connecting with their highest dreams, purpose, and the reason their soul incarnated into the body it did.

My Story: My heroes journey started the day i graduated high school in Texas and moved to Las Vegas to pursue my dream at the time, of basketball. within a few months, my dreams of playing college basketball had transformed into dreams of being a professional artist and entertainer. This new found love for music lead me to Los Angeles, which lead me to trying out a few acting classes, and falling in love with the craft. acting brought me to life, and also caused me to become aware of some traumas and fears that were ready to be brought out of the darkness of unconscious and into the light. So i began writing, performing, acting, rapping, telling story, learning how to tell story, and eventually, going to therapy. Each step of the way, noticing where i was most afraid, and heading into it deeper. Opening up to my own traumas and sharing them with a therapist activated another passion: understanding psychology. psychology gave my faith a whole new dimension of ease, peace, and understanding. i had a friend who committed suicide and i had to understand the psychology of ‘why’. Before i knew it, i had survived 3 years of an identity crisis, a complete immense system crash and overall health scare, and was now in a yoga teacher training learning what it meant to become ‘self realized’. My love for yoga, psychology, and integral philosophy showed up as a joy of mine: to understand. i love understanding for myself, and that allows my other great joy: explaining to others. along the way, i was tested over and over again, reset more than once, and empowered with the necessary tool belt and skill set to truly assist others on their path of remembrance and embracing the reason they were born. I feel so at home and exactly where I'm supposed to be when I'm with the youth and assisting them and getting out of their heads and into their hearts.

Accreditation’s: I studied feature film writing and creative writing at UCLA’s extension program. I studied ‘independent artistry’ at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. i am a certified instructor and facilitator of a ‘trauma release therapy’ called ‘somatic experiencng’ and ‘psycho neural energetics.’ i am currently in a doctorate program for ‘Psycho Neurology’ from Barron University. i am a yoga alliance certified teacher in hatha / raja yoga.