We Are Peace Guardians

Peace Guardians is a holistic peace education movement empowering youth by merging ancient and modern mindfulness practices. At our core, we believe empowered youth will turn into the free thinking leaders that a harmonic World requires. 

We take it as our sacred duty to be stewards for our future generations. We believe that now, more then ever, the vision of a harmonic planet is calling forth the true superheroes of peace, love and compassion and we firmly believe that vision will only be realized through empowering young leaders. 

We are committed to empower our next generation of peace ambassadors to embark on their hero's journey and develop the necessary holistic mindfulness, self-mastery and multi-cultural tools on their way to becoming beacons of peace for their themselves, their communities and the World. 

Peace Guardians believes youth possess the natural and intuitive leadership qualities that must be cultivated and revered as sacred.  Our youth are beckoning us to serve as a bridge, connecting them to the master visionary within. We serve as this bridge by connecting our ambassadors with the resources, thought leaders, innovators, and conscious businesses that help bring their personal missions to life.

This mission is carried forth by offering educational programs at a wide variety of schools, youth organizations, camps, special events, PlayShops, festivals and at-risk centers.

Our curriculum is built on the foundation of eight core values with the aim to provide enriching and practical resources for children from a wide variety of backgrounds.

We are committed to providing mindful youth empowerment programs that integrate holistic wellness practices into an engaging multi-cultural learning experience.

Our Team

Zachariah Fisher

Zachariah's passion for youth empowerment started as a baby. Having lost his father at 10 months old, he always felt called to carry his father's legacy as a mentor for kids. His teaching style is known for deeper connection to oneself through mindfulness and indigenous practices. Starting his teaching career while an athlete at UCLA, Zachariah was the youngest PE coach in LAUSD from 2003-2007. He founded Camp with Coach Zach which serviced over 1,500 kids in Los Angeles and offered activities including a wide variety of Sports, Martial Arts, Yoga and Drumming. 

Zachariah has traveled extensively to South East Asia and India where he studied Eastern Philosophy, Martial Arts, Taoist Qi Gong and a variety of Yogic disciplines, which are now infused into the Peace Guardians program.

He is a certified kids yoga teacher through the Rainbow Kids Yoga and Yoga Alliance programs. and is trained in Trauma Informed Yoga.  He has dedicated his life to empowering youth the world over and is fully committed to seeing that mission through as the Founder of Peace Guardians.

Brett Fleisher

Brett, also known to campers as Bam Bam. Actor, filmmaker, musician, and teacher.  He was naturally athletic as a kid and played over a dozen sports including lettering in three varsity teams in High school.  He also became the co-founder of the first guided meditation club in his school history. He continues to lead children and adults alike through guided journeys of the imagination. 

Brett was always destined for the stage and fell into a professional acting career at the age of 14, performing in front of 300 people nightly, at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC.  He then transitioned into film where he worked on screen with such actors as Anthony Hopkins, Anton Yelchin, Sam Shepard, Amy Madigan, Giovanni Ribisi and Robert Forster.  Brett has trained for over 12 years in the Lee Strasberg Method of acting and has taught sensory technique and relaxation exercises since 2007.  Since moving to LA in 2009, Brett has written and produced 3 short films and is currently developing his feature film. In addition, Brett is both proficient in kit and the african djembe. He loves to explore new rhythms ways of expressing himself through sound, as well as leading communal drum circles and teaching drum basics.  

Brett spent most of his youth as a camper and easily transitioned into becoming a camp counselor where he spent last summer at Fitness By The Sea.  Brett is thrilled to be partnering with The Stadium and bringing all of his passions and skills to what is going to be an amazing summer program! 

Aubrey Brandon-A B WEDDING PASS-0080.jpg

Brandon Stephenson

Brandon Stephenson began his heroes journey on a quest for spiritual fulfillment and transformational growth. In his explorations he discovered that his passions were his superpowers. He believes that a life in service to ones passion is a life lived to the fullest. His three greatest passions are: Healing Arts, Music, and Community.

Brandon has studied over a thousand hours of holistic health modalities and is highly regarded as a healing arts practitioner in San Diego, CA. His healing practice extends beyond his clients and is woven into All that he does. His life mission is to serve as a facilitator in the healing process of humanity and the planet. In this same spirit of healing arts his music is also medicine. It can be light and playful or deep and poetic but it always comes through as an emotionally creative out-pour that stewards connection with spirit. 

Brandon is also a producer of transformational community events, and works as an integrity-based marketing expert for conscious businesses. He believes that marketing is a powerful magic that when used correctly can transform, positively progress and heal humanity. He uses this superpower to build bridges of authentic connection between people and organizations. He often proclaims that: "It takes a tribe to thrive!" 

Father of two, Brandon's dedication to conscious child raising, and youth empowerment is fully supported by his passions and actions. He believes that building strong, empathetic, resourceful and peaceful leaders is the foundation of building a better world. 

 Karen Seva, MDiv. MSW CPC

 Karen is an author, healer, teacher, life coach, musician, activist and mom.
 For nearly 20 years, Karen has been immersed in the multidisciplinary spiritual, self-help, and psychological fields - with an emphasis on Meditation, Native Wisdom Traditions, Transpersonal Psychology, Naam Yoga, Sound Healing and music, earning both a Master of Divinity & Master of Social Work degree. She teaches classes, programs and workshops aimed at personal empowerment and global transformation; in addition to coaching and consulting with individuals, families and groups.
 Karen has written a best-selling book entitled, "The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine & is the founder of “Sing the World Awake!” – a motivational music and movement program for children and families. She has conducted children’s concerts for the Dalai Lama, the Agape Spiritual Center, Native Elders as well as Spiritual Leaders from around the world. In addition, she was part of the organizing team for the 2015 Naam Yoga Superclass, which united more than 100,000 people across the world practicing Yoga for World Peace. Karen continues to be a vital force advocating global change through love of the Earth, empowering our children, honoring one another and inspiring unified action. Karen currently lives in Santa Monica, CA - where she teaches classes and Meditation at Naam Yoga LA & is the head of their Children's Program. www.karenseva.com

Jesse Carrieri

Jesse Carrieri is 'Carrier,' a student of pure energy. With a background in somatic massage, eastern philosophy, and qi gong, Jesse brings a new understanding towards communicating with children. Developing minds organize data around experiences, courage, and wisdom, and Jesse seeks an understanding towards enhancing these learning processes. As an young student in high school and college, Jesse learned to see a child's developing mind as an English, Math, and Physics tutor. Through his own educational journey, in his personal persistent pursuit of 'ancient youthfulness,' Jesse developed an appreciation for the creativity of youth. As the ever present child, he began seeing a somatic communication of expression, or "body language," often best represented as the classical archetypes, with a design towards plant and animal totems. While engaging both the mind and imagination, Carrier specializes in empowering through physical rites of passage, activating the inner warrior of pure will and spirit. These fictional storytelling approaches allow for the continual refinement of our genuine emotional expression. Our collective truth. As a Guardian, Jesse demonstrates Elemental Breath Techniques, and he lives to breathe magic deeper into your life. Carry on, Carry strong

Gemini Adams, RYT, MNFSH

Gemini is a trauma specialist, yoga teacher and award-winning author with a portfolio of bestselling self-help books and published articles.

An advanced TRE® practitioner, Somatic Trauma Resolution and Body Sense facilitator, Yoga Alliance (RYT® 200) Atma Yoga teacher, grief counselor, and a certified member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), she facilitates classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions with adults, at-risk teens, children, the bereaved and special needs groups. In addition to providing these therapeutic services to individuals at The Center for Relational Healing, Gemini is also a member of the treatment team for CRH’s intensive outpatient program.

Using movement and body-based ‘somatic’ practices, Gemini gently and safely helps her clients unravel the ‘stuff’ that sits behind their suffering — grief, unexpressed truth, negative programming, boundary violations from abuse or physical injury, toxic patterns, unresolved trauma and stress, to bring relief and restore an authentic state of wellbeing tobody, mind and soul.

She loves to combine her passion for travel and changing lives. In the past 20 years, she has participated in youth, personal development and community outreach projects with The Red Cross, Raleigh International, Cancer Research, Personal Overseas Development and The Tony Robbins Foundation in Africa, Peru, China, Poland, England and the USA.

Gemini’s books, including, Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye, which gives a personal account of her mother’s battle with cancer and the insights gained from this loss, have been translated into several languages and been featured on the Today Show, the Huffington Post, the BBC, Reuters and in Family Health and Wellness, Female First, Live It Natural, RED and Women’s Health magazines. Gemini was also awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship, which led to her research project, The Role of Love in Palliative Care. She currently writes for OpentoHope.com and HuffingtonPost.com.


 Anna Poniros ~ Fundraising

Anna has studied for over a decade in the healing arts, yoga, and nutrition worlds with some of the World’s best teachers and holds a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Nutrition and Public Health and many other certifications in yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition, detox nutrition, and a range of natural healing therapies.  In approaching her work with a sense of mindfulness and purpose, she is striving to effect change both individually and collectively and has founded a 501c3 non-profit, Gaia Love that supports organizations and projects pertaining to the Earth, Women, and Children.  She adheres to the philosophy that to create a better and more beautiful Earth, we need to create more mindful and conscious practices for the Children of the World. Anna has always felt a deep calling to heal and serve and is proud to head the fundraising dept of Peace Guardians.