We Are Peace Guardians

Peace Guardians is a shared vision of youth educators, artists, healers and community leaders coming together to empower our future generations. We believe that NOW, more than ever, the planet is calling out for a generations of guardians. A new paradigm of leaders that work together to cultivate solutions and live their bliss.


Peace is not possible without living a meaningful life in alignment with our passion and gifts. Our programs, workshops, and performances cultivate optimal potential though interactive, play-based experiences that nourish body, mind and soul. 


 We are partnered with revolutionary businesses, spiritual centers, festivals, educators, private schools, home-school programs, and non-profit organizations to bring our transformational programs to youth around the world. 

We believe that we have a responsibility to steward the next generation of free-thinking, solution oriented,  emotionally fluent, peaceful leaders. We do this through our mindfully crafted programs that fuse ancient wisdom teachings with leading-edge education and paradigm shifting games. 


We facilitate co-creative, youth-led learning whereby each individual is honored in their unique expression and perspective.

We see the young ones as masters and mirrors. They are masters of divine freedom and like mirrors they reflect their environment. It is because of this that we take great care in facilitating safe containers for expressive exploration, and inward self reflection. 



With purpose driven passion we are committed to being innovative leaders in youth enrichment, sports, and education.   

Are you with us?